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bossfan's Journal

11 May 1972
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greetings and salutations! my journal used to be friends only, but i am lifting that and we will see what happens. so please don't be mean! :)

I would like to put out a special thank you to various members of the "brucefans" community for the icons i use! you guys rock!

i am a HUGE bruce springsteen fan in case no one
can figure out why i picked the username "bossfan". He is unbelievable in concert. A MUST see!!! I also like 80's music alot.
I work in the photo industry and at the moment I hate my job but my husband and I just bought a house so until i find another job, I am stuck! that is all for now. i will tell yah more in my journal.

I will end this from a few lyrics from a Bruce Song....

"Tonight I'm gonna get birth naked and bury my old soul and dance on its grave, and dance on its grave...."

from the song "Long time Comin'" off the Devils and Dust Album 2005